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Coffee illustrations by Edelexia Paprika Ladi Biosas Sea Salt Chili Vegan Salami Olive Jam Tomato Smoked Salt Balsamic Vinegar Artisan Jam Sea Salt Sesami Orange Jam

Every premium product from a small-scale producer has an admirable Story to Tell

Welcome to Greek Artisans and follow us to our journey.

Our aim is to reveal small-scale Greek food producers and Greek product design that embrace authenticity with a surprising innovative twist. We support products that have “Fair Trade” mentality and are based on ancient rural skills and naturally emerged into our urban environment for a better social and environmental future.

Greek Artisans is the result of our reflective journeys around Greece exploring for premium unique products from selective Greek Artisans that have a true Artisan Story to Tell.

Greek Artisan’s Team detects and recognizes products that are unique with an idiosyncratic taste and flavor and producers that have the “Fair Trade” mentality for the reason that it is ethical and vital to protect and support small producers and to ensure sustainable production and fair prices.

We support the fundamental rights of small-scale producers. The key elements in our selections are: tradition, premium quality, small-scale production, product innovation, family heritage, life memoirs and appreciation for Greek culture and life.

Greek Artisans selected premium food products and product design from Greek Artisans are available to consumers, delicatessens, restaurants, chefs, concept stores, Pop Up Shops and cultural exhibitions.

  • Premium Greek Olive Oil
    Ladi Biosas
  • Artistic Olive Oil
    5lt Artisan EVOO
  • Hohlidaki
  • Mala Peruviana
  • Voskopoula
  • Hersin
  • Bee Out Of The Box
  • Chutney Paprika
  • Chutney Tomato
  • Orange Jam
  • Vegan Salami
  • Cyclops Salt
  • Hermes Salt
  • Talos Salt
  • Blossom Water
  • Grecian Chic
  • Coffee Giroffe
  • Artisan Jam
  • Barefoot King Wine