We love delicious food!
Delicius food made in Mam (Mother) – Ellada (Greece)

We like our food simple, good and delicious so we make our chutney that way too.

Unique recipes prepared in small batches with great ingredients and absolutely no cutting corners.

Like Tomato chutney made with juicy pomodoro tomatoes, Pepper
chutney made with fennel and chili peppers, onion chutney made with a good quality red wine and “Vatikiotika” onions and of course apple chutney made with an old variety of “Starking” apples!

We make all our sauces in Kalamata, a small city in Peloponnese Greece.

In Mamellada :
We only use real and the best quality of ingredients
No artificial colors or preservatives added
We only make chutney we would serve at your own table
Our aim is: To make the very best you can buy



Little things for great people made by hand. We ship worldwide. Contact us for wholesale!

Handmade soft toys & wooden mobiles.

Kalamata, Peloponnese



Chrisanthidis delight

The reputation of “Chrisanthidis Handmade Kourabie from Nea Karvali-Kavala” may date back to 1924 having made its festive way from the past to the present, but the thread connecting their unique quality, taste and flavor has been unraveling from Ancient Thrace – where Demophon, son of king Theseus married princess Phyllis – and the flowering almond tree as the symbol of love and hope that beats death.

According to legend, the fruit of such a tree holds all the purity of the soul of a woman in love – that fruit is one the secrets lying behind the unique recipe of “Chrisanthidis Handmade Kourabie”. Pure ingredients, selected through the strictest manufacturing procedures, love and an ancient Greek legend have made this small crispy crescent into a luscious burst enclosing thousands of small, loving memories.




Every Mastos jar carries with it strong memories and traditions spanning generations! With traditional Greek cuisine guiding us we created irresistible temptations for your palate!



Traditional sweets with history, since 1910

“”Faithful in tradition, we create and offer daily to our customers sweets of our country, with love and dedication” ”

Mandola Honey: Traditional Handmade Almond Sweet with Honey

Mandola Classic: Traditional Handmade Almond Sweet


Fysis Herbs

FYSIS Organic Herbs

From the best of nature’s gifts in Greece, to you!
FYSIS is an organic brand specializing in retailing and wholesaling premium quality Greek herbs, obtained directly from the fertile soils of Greece. We couple the traditional benefits of herbs with a modern scientific approach, curating organic products that are intended to enhance your wellbeing.
The Meaning Behind our Name
You might wonder what exactly our name means. The word FYSIS itself is inspired from the ancient Greek word “φύσις”, meaning nature. We integrate this meaning with our own that resonates with creation, effort, and evolution. Entwining scientific knowledge, extensive research, traditional techniques, and environmentally friendly processes, we are a brand where nature meets science to produce the best organic herbs.

FYSIS Organic Herbs and their Origins in Greece
Speaking about biodiversity, Greece is one of the richest countries and since just in herbs alone, there are more than 6,500 plant species native to the region, we proudly promote awareness about Greece’s biodiversity by actively providing a range of herbs picked from the rich soils of Greece. The quality, flavor, aroma, and benefits of these herbs are unparalleled, and we love catering to our customers high quality organic products that can improve their wellbeing.
Ethical Sourcing and Quality Control on FYSIS Organic Herbs
In line with our values, the way we source and produce our products is ethical and in harmony with nature. All the FYSIS organic herbs are supplied from small certified growers that promote sustainable agriculture of premium quality herbs even at a marginally higher cost. The sourcing is extremely exclusive since we select only the best variety of each organic herb, testing it for flavor, aroma, and freshness (in order to provide you with supreme quality organic herbs).
Environmentally Friendly Approach and Traditional Techniques
Sourcing with respect to the soil and environment that give us these wonderful gifts, we do not utilise heavy machinery during cultivation or harvesting. Subsequently, purification, refinement, and packaging of herbs is done by hand with precise care. The proper storage and delivery of herbs ensures that the premium quality of our products remains purely intact. It is almost as if within our packaging, you can find nature in its best form.

When you buy FYSIS organic herbs, you are buying the best of what nature has to offer through a brand that values and cherishes both, nature and science. Browse the FYSIS website today to see the series of products we have carefully arranged for you.


Christina Skouloudi

Christina Skouloudi

We always design items wishing to create a strong bond between the user and the object; sometimes by a symbolic gesture or a welcoming form, sometimes challenging the conventional design rules not in a harsh but in a smooth and tranquil way.

Continuously seeking to push the aesthetic, technological and craft’s boundaries trying to meet users’ needs and fulfill their expectations for high quality and durability.

Christina Skouloudi is obsessed with all materials, technologies and their processing techniques she is influenced by them, in order to achieve innovation.

She loves the simplicity, tangibility and warmth of popular traditional Greek utensils and furniture. This is the reason she employs wood, metal and leather. She wants her designs to communicate qualities and memories of the authentic Greek life.

She aims to indulge people in the power of form, beauty and quality. By incorporating these interlinked values into all of her products she aims to make them accessible to everyone. She wants users to feel familiar with the objects, not intimidated be them.

Christina Skouloudi is creating objects-protagonists of our daily rituals.


Mala Peruviana

Meet the Producer

We are two siblings with great experience in the field of dining. We also like design and constructions. Sakis had studies to be a chef and Fotis had graphic design studies. The idea came from our grandparents. Because of the fact that outdoor tomatoes are summer fruit ,they found a way to have it in the winter. So they chose the best tomatoes, mashed them up and pasteurized them in bottles of beer they had consumed. With our experience on the market, we noticed that there is a lack of juices with quality and aesthetics, as well as being able to cook with it and drink it (in terms of condensation). Of course, for this to grow, there have been many problems in the production and quality control of the fruit. After all the steps of choosing and picking the tomato are done by hand , then machinery is used. The most important thing is to put quality fruit into the bottle. The production takes place in the central of Greece, in the plain of Kopaida, in Dervenohoria and the standardization in Vagia of Thiva. Only outdoor productions with crystal clear waters and the precious Greek sun. The name is historical and it means bad Peruvian. When the tomatoes came from Peru to Europe they noticed the animals eating leaves of the plant that contain solanine, a poisonous substance and getting sick. That’s why the called it Mala Peruviana. Then they ate the fruit of the plant and discovered its magic taste and later its antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Mala Peruviana is suitable for cooking, cocktails, as a refreshing juice and as a natural energy drink for exercise. We recommend not to cover its taste as much as possible ,to highlight its quality and characteristics.



Κάθε ξύλο στο σώμα του αποκαλύπτει την ιστορία της ζωής του.
Στον κορμό του, στα κλαδιά του αποτυπώνονται τα χρόνια, οι καιροί, οι πληγές και τα κλαδάκια που γεννήθηκαν από αυτό.
Κάθε κομμάτι ξύλου μοναδικό, κάθε ροδέλα κλαδιού ανεπανάληπτη, διαφορετική κι από την αμέσως διπλανή της.
Σιγά-σιγά, δουλεύοντας τα ξύλα και παρατηρώντας τα, μαγεύτηκα, ανυπομονούσα να ανακαλύψω το επόμενο, να μου φανερωθεί η ομορφιά και η ιστορία τους.
Αυτό είναι το χοχλιδάκι.
Έργα από ξύλο, δουλεμένα στο χέρι, στα οποία αναδεικνύεται η ιστορία του κλαδιού απ’ όπου προέρχονται, μοναδικά και –εκ των πραγμάτων- ανεπανάληπτα.
Έτοιμα να στολίσουν το κάθε μοναδικό κορμί, το κάθε μοναδικό σπίτι.

Αλεξία Γραμματικάκη


Odyssey Salt

A band of brothers navigating the exotic waters of artisan salts

Mario, Harry and our friends at Salt Odyssey were enthusiasts of the Greek organic food market before we set our sights on salt and spices. Our preoccupation with food is a family affair. We reserve stores and health food production workshop in Thessaloniki since 1982!
Our main raw material is the qualitative Greek salt, Messolonghi salt, a region protected by the Ramsar environmental treaty. All other raw materials are chosen in the light of the excellent organoleptic properties (taste, aroma, color), certified organic cultivation (herbs, sesame) or traditional processing (smoked paprika).
Besides the excellent final product, our suppliers should love what they produce and nurture respect for the consumer who chooses to consume our products.
What we love most in our job is the daily contact with flavors, colors, aromas that create products that stand out. The feeling that the creation of new flavors has no bounds fills us with appetite for new creative ideas, recipes, products!
Natural products! And tasty! So is the constellation of the Salt Odyssey series of salts and spices: a natural source of vital elements for good health and a rich flavour palette for the gourmet of this world!