Chutney Tomato

Sweet Tomato Chutney. The gastronomy of the Greek islands is always for us the epitome for a culinary artisanal inspiration….and that’s how our Sweet Tomato Chutney came to life. The Sweet Tomato Chutney has a trademark the Cycladic islands.

From our last trip to Santorini, we got inspired from the story and the culinary background of the island and the use of the Tomato Sweet Chutney as a lovely accompaniment to cheeses, vegetables, sandwiches, pastas etc. We developed with a local cooperative in Greece the fantastic Sweet Tomato Chutney with a fresh Greek tomatoes, Cretan chili peppers, spices, wine vinegar and Ladi Biosas λάδι βιώσας organic extra virgin olive oil. A Sweet Tomato Chutney that will bring to your everyday culinary life a spark of the Greek Mediterranean gastronomy. An ode to culture heritage, Grecian gastronomy and design. FairMade & Direct Trade.

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