Coffee Giroffe

A Coffee With A Message. A StoryTelling Coffee with altruistic concerns in humanitarian issues. A Direct Trade Specialty organic coffee cultivated by the Aranga Farmers from the beautiful and fertile land of Tanzania. Project’s Active Locations: Greece, Tanzania, the Netherlands.
200gr and 450 gr

Coffee: Organic Single Origin Arabica Bourbon (Jackson, Mbirizi) and Kent from the Aranga Farmers. Specialty and Organic Certified. Direct Trade, Equal, Transparent, Cooperative. Altitude: 1600m Mt Meru, Tanzania. Humanity Cause: With every cup of CoffeeGiroffe you drink, you help the astonishing Josephat Torner Foundation Europe which promotes the rights of people with albinism by speaking up and raising awareness. The packages are filled and sealed by the MEMO Mensen Team an organization which supports people with special needs and challenges. Our CoffeeGiroffe is a beautiful journey with humanitarian values that started from our Artisanal Greece, down to the slopes of Mt Meru in northern Tanzania, and ended up to the Lowlands of North Europe. The CoffeeGiroffe Project involves true charismatic people: The Love for Coffee and humanitarian values of three Grecians from Greek Artisans, The Superb Coffee Traders from This Side Up
coffee and the amazing Coffee Roasters from Usawa Coffee. All collaborated to create for CoffeeGiroffe Project, a Specialty Coffee full of so many great stories to tell.