Mala Peruviana

Meet the Producer

We are two siblings with great experience in the field of dining. We also like design and constructions. Sakis had studies to be a chef and Fotis had graphic design studies. The idea came from our grandparents. Because of the fact that outdoor tomatoes are summer fruit ,they found a way to have it in the winter. So they chose the best tomatoes, mashed them up and pasteurized them in bottles of beer they had consumed. With our experience on the market, we noticed that there is a lack of juices with quality and aesthetics, as well as being able to cook with it and drink it (in terms of condensation). Of course, for this to grow, there have been many problems in the production and quality control of the fruit. After all the steps of choosing and picking the tomato are done by hand , then machinery is used. The most important thing is to put quality fruit into the bottle. The production takes place in the central of Greece, in the plain of Kopaida, in Dervenohoria and the standardization in Vagia of Thiva. Only outdoor productions with crystal clear waters and the precious Greek sun. The name is historical and it means bad Peruvian. When the tomatoes came from Peru to Europe they noticed the animals eating leaves of the plant that contain solanine, a poisonous substance and getting sick. That’s why the called it Mala Peruviana. Then they ate the fruit of the plant and discovered its magic taste and later its antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Mala Peruviana is suitable for cooking, cocktails, as a refreshing juice and as a natural energy drink for exercise. We recommend not to cover its taste as much as possible ,to highlight its quality and characteristics.