Christina Skouloudi

Christina Skouloudi

We always design items wishing to create a strong bond between the user and the object; sometimes by a symbolic gesture or a welcoming form, sometimes challenging the conventional design rules not in a harsh but in a smooth and tranquil way.

Continuously seeking to push the aesthetic, technological and craft’s boundaries trying to meet users’ needs and fulfill their expectations for high quality and durability.

Christina Skouloudi is obsessed with all materials, technologies and their processing techniques she is influenced by them, in order to achieve innovation.

She loves the simplicity, tangibility and warmth of popular traditional Greek utensils and furniture. This is the reason she employs wood, metal and leather. She wants her designs to communicate qualities and memories of the authentic Greek life.

She aims to indulge people in the power of form, beauty and quality. By incorporating these interlinked values into all of her products she aims to make them accessible to everyone. She wants users to feel familiar with the objects, not intimidated be them.

Christina Skouloudi is creating objects-protagonists of our daily rituals.