Talos Salt

TALOS Τάλως: Premium Greek Sea Salt from Messolonghi 90%, sesame from Evros 5% and organic Cretan herbs (oregano, thyme, spearmint) 5%. 38 International Awards!

The crashed sesame combined with the organic Cretan herbs which are more spicy and have more intensity, elevates the sea salt to a higher culinary level. It is one of the best sea salts in the world! Elevate your everyday culinary dishes and sandwiches with fragrant and savory notes from a sprinkle of TALOS premium sea salt. The name TALOS for our Greek Artisans sea salt was inspired by the Greek Mythology.
Talos Τάλως can claim to be the first humanoid robot in history. It was a giant automaton (robot) made of bronze to protect Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders.
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