Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Cream

Orange Balsamic Vinegar Glaze: The Orange Balsamic Vinegar Glaze is made with the same unique traditional process that has been used in Kalamata region, South Peloponnese, Greece, for many centuries.

The oranges and the grapes of the Peloponnesian valleys have an extraordinary fragrance and taste, due to the Mediterranean soft Sea breezes, the mild winters, the fertile lands and the 300 days of sun per year! Orange Balsamic Vinegar Glaze is handmade with artisanal dedication. A perfect way to preserve, heritage, culture and the essence of the delicious Peloponnesian oranges and grapes. Our Orange Balsamic Glaze is intensely aromatic, complex and sweet. Use it to finish off a dish or make an extraordinary experience out of a simple dish. It is perfect for appetizers, main dishes, vegan dishes and desserts, salads, yogurt, etc. Greek Artisan’s Orange Balsamic Glaze is a premium product produced in South Peloponnese, Greece, in the region of Kalamata.


Olive Jam

Olive Jam

When Life Gives You Olives… Make Jam! The sunny, mild South Greek Mediterranean climate yields incredible tasty olives that heavily our producer made then into a delicious full of antioxidants Olive Sweet Jam.
230 gr

Greek Green Olives 85% fruit, 15% sugar and a twist of lemon. No preservatives! Made in Greece by a small Cooperative, following a traditional recipe from Kalamata region, South of Peloponnese. A hidden gastronomy heritage in a jar. Our Greek Artisans Olive Jam is 100% Fair made and Direct Trade! This delicious Olive Jam pairs well with
any type of cheeses, fish, vinaigrettes, cakes, biscuits, as a topping for your ice cream or your toast bread!

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Vegan Salami

We have to give an ode to dried figs with this product. Vegan Fig Salami made from 100% Grecian figs sun dried under the Greek sun, flavored with the famous Peloponnesian Orange zest, Smoked Greek Paprika and Aleppo Pepper. For this product the internationally famous P.D.O (protected destination origin) figs were used from Kymi, Evia island, Greece.

Sugar and Gluten free. The Vegan Fig Salami is a 100% vegan substitute for salami and accompanies excellent wine, cheeses and is great with sandwiches. Also it pairs well with our sweet paprika and sweet tomato chutney collection. It can be grilled or used as a topping on your favorite pizza or omelette. Try it on a toasted bread with our Olive Jam! Our Vegan Fig Salami offers an incredibly delectable flavor that is somewhat like a raisin, less intense than a date and it has an indulgent taste from the dried orange zest that continues the culinary perfection with the smoked paprika and the sweet aroma of the Aleppo Pepper. Add in your diet the Vegan Fig Salami and you’ll get a lot of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants in one small serving. Our Vegan Fig Salami is a powerhouse of nutrition such as: vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and fiber. Also packed with quercetin, kaempferol, epicatechin gallate and other powerful antioxidants. A unique artisanal product with high quality. An artisanal product with respect for the environment. FairMade & Direct Trade product.


Bee Out Of the Box

Bee out of the box means:

Bee (be) and live out of the Box like the bee freely flies and lands on the beauty of every flower. And if you find yourself in the “Box” be creative, productive, encapsulate beauty like bee transforms this beauty, the nectar, into honey….

Bee out of the box σημαίνει να καταστρέφεις τους περιορισμούς και να δημιουργείς.
Να παγιδεύεσαι σε μια σταγόνα μέλι και να εγκλωβίζεσαι στη γλύκα του.
Διάφανοι τοίχοι να σε προστατεύουν και να σε τρέφουν.* Τότε πετάς στον κόσμο του:
bee out of the box.