Chutney Paprika

Artisanal, Sustainable, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Sweet Paprika Chutney by Greek Artisans. Our lovable-delicious Sweet Paprika Chutney with a hint of Cretan Chili, organic premium extra virgin olive oil by Ladi Biosas λάδι βιώσας, has an amazing smoothie jammy spreadable consistency. 230 gr

The “Florina” type of red peppers used for this recipe are awarded the recognition of “Protected Designation of Origin” by the World Trade Organization! Greece has so many stunning islands that you can discover myriads of Greek delicacies to devour. From our trips to the Aegean islands we discovered the Sweet Paprika Chutney and this local recipe was created exclusively for us by a sustainable Greek cooperative. Our Greek Artisan’s Sweet Paprika Chutney is perfect for pairing with soft and hard cheeses, as a spread to your sandwiches, as a healthy dip for your vegetables (carrots, cucumbers etc), for your hamburgers, as a side dip for potatoes, fish etc. An absolute authentic Grecian taste. FairMade & Direct Trade.