Cyclops Salt


Premium Greek Sea Salt from Messolonghi 95%, Greek smoked paprika 5%. 38 International Awards! The Greek paprika is slowly smoked for 120 hours and then is mixed with the pure premium sea salt.

This process uplifts the sea salt to a higher culinary level. It is one of the best sea salts in the world! Cyclops Smoked Paprika Sea Salt with its vivid red colour and sweet, full flavour, is a delicious addition to any grilled dishes, vegan dishes, sandwiches, eggs, soups, mushed potatoes, French fries etc. Elevate your everyday culinary dishes with smokey paprika notes from a sprinkle of CYCLOPS premium sea salt. The name CYCLOPS for our Greek Artisans sea salt was inspired by the Greek Mythology. The myth of Odysseus and the Cyclops is one of the most known Greek myths, narrated by Homer in his Odyssey.
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