Fysis Herbs

FYSIS Organic Herbs

From the best of nature’s gifts in Greece, to you!
FYSIS is an organic brand specializing in retailing and wholesaling premium quality Greek herbs, obtained directly from the fertile soils of Greece. We couple the traditional benefits of herbs with a modern scientific approach, curating organic products that are intended to enhance your wellbeing.
The Meaning Behind our Name
You might wonder what exactly our name means. The word FYSIS itself is inspired from the ancient Greek word “φύσις”, meaning nature. We integrate this meaning with our own that resonates with creation, effort, and evolution. Entwining scientific knowledge, extensive research, traditional techniques, and environmentally friendly processes, we are a brand where nature meets science to produce the best organic herbs.

FYSIS Organic Herbs and their Origins in Greece
Speaking about biodiversity, Greece is one of the richest countries and since just in herbs alone, there are more than 6,500 plant species native to the region, we proudly promote awareness about Greece’s biodiversity by actively providing a range of herbs picked from the rich soils of Greece. The quality, flavor, aroma, and benefits of these herbs are unparalleled, and we love catering to our customers high quality organic products that can improve their wellbeing.
Ethical Sourcing and Quality Control on FYSIS Organic Herbs
In line with our values, the way we source and produce our products is ethical and in harmony with nature. All the FYSIS organic herbs are supplied from small certified growers that promote sustainable agriculture of premium quality herbs even at a marginally higher cost. The sourcing is extremely exclusive since we select only the best variety of each organic herb, testing it for flavor, aroma, and freshness (in order to provide you with supreme quality organic herbs).
Environmentally Friendly Approach and Traditional Techniques
Sourcing with respect to the soil and environment that give us these wonderful gifts, we do not utilise heavy machinery during cultivation or harvesting. Subsequently, purification, refinement, and packaging of herbs is done by hand with precise care. The proper storage and delivery of herbs ensures that the premium quality of our products remains purely intact. It is almost as if within our packaging, you can find nature in its best form.

When you buy FYSIS organic herbs, you are buying the best of what nature has to offer through a brand that values and cherishes both, nature and science. Browse the FYSIS website today to see the series of products we have carefully arranged for you.


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