Ladi Biosas

Ladi Biosas _High Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Greek Olive OilLadi Biosas is a vertical integrated company established in 2010 which produces premium olive oil derived from the area of mountainous Messenia (Kefalovryso) in the peninsula of Peloponnese in Greece.

Our cultivation is certified organic and we cultivate our olive tress in respect to environment. We are one of the few companies that has its own estates with olive trees and is monitoring the product in all the stages of production.

Our product aims to articulate premium extra virgin olive oil with a superb packaging Each aspect of Ladi Biosas manifests the unique perspective of our team because we participate in every stage of the production.

We are not just the cultivators,
we are not just the designers,
we are not just the promoters

we are a complex blend of creators who dare to contest with the uncertain in order to bring into light a unique product. Ladi Biosas _high premium extra virgin olive oil

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