Orange Jam

Our passion for tradition and authentic Grecian gastronomy brought for you the best Citrus in the world and nicely transformed them into one of the most delicious jam. Orange Jam from the Greek Peloponnesian valleys of Greece.

days of sun per year

The oranges of the Peloponnesian valleys have an extraordinary fragrance and taste, due to the Mediterranean soft Sea breezes, the mild winters, the fertile lands and the 300 days of sun per year! Handmade with artisanal dedication by a Greek cooperative, following a traditional recipe from our grandmother. What a perfect way to preserve, heritage, culture and the essence of the delicious Peloponnesian Citrus. Our Orange Jam is sweet, vibrant, succulent, juicy and fragrant. The Orange Jam is slow cooked with great care to ensure the full flavour of the fruits is conserved. It pairs wonderfully with soft white artisan cheeses, croissants and crust tarts, on a bread, pastries, cakes, vinaigrettes, ice cream. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No extra flavours or preservatives. We also love the etiquette of the Orange Jam which is inspired by a fragment from a Minoan Pottery known as “KamaresWare”. FairMade & Direct Trade product.

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