Plagona #1

Fabric Plagona doll model, hand embroidered with decorations from ancient objects.


The dolls are hand made from 100% cotton fabric and hand embroidered with cotton thread. Each one is unique. They are designed and handcrafted with great care and attention to detail for a quality end product.
They are an ideal gift for every occasion, or for personal collection. They can be used for home decoration, or toys, as they are safe for children.


Height: 21 cm
Max Width: 10 cm


Fabric: 100% cotton
Filling: 100% polyester
Thread: 100% cotton


They come with handmade box (matchbox) out of recycled carton.

A religious idol, perhaps holding magical powers, reformed to the most popular toy for girls in ancient Greece.
This is the articulated doll (neurospasto) also known as Plagona. Made out of clay, usually with elaborate hairstyle, beautifully hand drawn, or dressed up with fabric clothing, served as a recreational and educational toy preparing young girls for their role as women later on.
They were made in the pottery by hand, the wheel and later on (mainly after 500 ac) using casting techniques.
These dolls, their favorite toys, were dedicated by the girls to goddess Artemis just before their marriage.